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Today Santa Claus is very busy in Alicante

Will you stay in the queue so your kid would see Santa? We´re sure you will

Will you stay in the queue so your kid would see Santa? We´re sure you will

Finally, the most important New Year guest – Santa Claus – has arrived to Alicante! And he immediately started to attend his beloved little visitors.

At midday of the 6th of December fathers, mothers and their kids have rushed to Santa´s house situated near Santa Barbara Castle in Alicante. There were so many of them so the police had to block the road leading to the castle for personal vehicles. If you are eager to see Santa Claus today you will have to go up the castle on foot, take “a special city bus to Santa´s” or use the elevator of Santa-Barbara Castle, warns

The Constitution Day celebrated today in Spain is a day off all over the country. It let local kids and their parents use their spare time to be the first to greet the dear guest and let him know their Christmas requests. Last year some families had to wait for 3 hours in a row to be attended by Santa Clause and be able to take a precious photo of their kids with him. It is possible that this year the record of waiting in the queue to Santa´s will be beaten.

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