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Conference of Rafa Nadal in Alicante

He is always smiling and sincere in public

Rafa Nadal is always smiling and sincere in

The famous sportsman, first tennis racket in the world Rafa Nadal wa in the centre of attention in ADDA (Alicante) while holding the conference, reports

There were 1,200 people there. Nadal answered all the questions that were asked. In particular, he responded that he accept the fact that soon he will retire from tennis calmly since “in his life there is no just tennis only,” although he admitted that he plays tennis because he is really happy on the tennis court. Rafa expressed his attitude to the crisis in Catalonia as well as shared his personal memories, talked about his favourite football team Real Madrid, etc.

In future Rafa Nadal plans to create his own fund and academy to help children from disadvantaged and socially unprotected families. He wants them to get decent education and realize their ambitions in sport. The athlete noticed that living standards in Spain are better than in other countries where he happened to play, that´s why Spaniards shouldn´t criticize themselves too much.

Rafa Nadal is a public representative of Bank Sabadel, who organized the conference of him in Alicante yesterday. By the way, Rafa Nadal played his first tournaments in Alicante. He was then 10 years old.

The conference was held by diarioinformacion journalist, Jose Emilio Munera.

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