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Rental prices go up in Alicante

There are more of about 3 200 flats and houses to rent out official way in Alicante. Well, not a lot 

There are more of about 3 200 flats and houses that are rented out official way in Alicante. Well, it is not a lot 

Rental prices go up faster than prices of real estate objects.

As reports, at the moment the average rental payment in the capital of province is 614 euros per month  and it is 9.6% higher than a year ago. Meanwhile, property prices rose just 5.3% during the last year.

There are 3,297 apartments and houses rented in Alicante, still it’s only 0.5% more than in March of 2017. Demand for rent is growing faster than the offer – it explains the significant increase of rental prices.

As usual, the most expensive flats for rent are in the city centre (the average rent price of 1 sq. m is 8.65 euros there, so an apartment of ​​90 sq. m will costs you 778 euros a month). La Playa San Juan is on the second place with expensive flats for rent in Alicante (8.61 euros per 1 sq.m, so a flat of 90 square meters will cost you 774 euros per month there). The most affordable prices for renting a flat are in the districts of Carolinas Altas, Florida Alta y Florida Baja in Alicante. Renting payment of an apartment of similar size of 90 sq. m will costs 560 euros approximately there.

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