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Are you sure that the Earth is round?

This British resident living in Benidorm sees the arrangement of the Solar System differently

This British resident living in Benidorm sees the arrangement of the Solar System differentlyHoward George Stirrup, 

Prove a British resident from Benidorm that the Earth is round, and you will earn 10,000 euros.

Howard George Stirrup who lives in Benidorm has been expecting for some time already that one day at least somebody will send him a “real” photo of the Earth that will convince him that our planet is of spherical shape.

At the same time the British is sure that the Earth is flat and it never moves. Doubting official astronomists´ point of view Howard George Stirrap believes that the Polar Star does not move either and moreover, the Moon and the Sun are of the same size and move around flat Earth. In addition, Sir Sturrap considers the photographs of American astronauts landing on the Moon as fake ones.

At first, he bet for 1,000 euros that his own vision of the Solar System arrangement was the right. But because of the fact that none sent him any photo to prove the spherical shape of the Earth yet, he increased his bet up to 10,000 euros, reports with the reference to EFE.

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