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For those who plan their weekends beforehand


la Diputation de Alicante 

On Saturday, the 28th of April, La Diputación de Alicante (supported by IFA and Cámara de Comercio), will hold the First Day of ‘Alicante Gastronómica. I Encuentro del estilo de vida mediterráneo’.  Popularization of Mediterranean diet, local food products and healthy lifestyle will be the main aim of this event.

All activities of this thematic day are planned at ADDA (inside the building and at its parking). The program includes conferences on healthy nutrition for different age groups and those doing sports – on behalf of la Asociación Española de Análisis del Rendimiento Deportivo. Attending conferences that start at 09:45, 10:15 and 12:00, is free of charge.

At ADDA parking area there will be installed a platform for skateboarding, riding scooters and roller skating, as well as a climbing wall/ rocodrómo, a football field 3×3, a basketball playground as well as inflatable castles for the youngest participants of ‘Alicante Gastronómica. I Encuentro del estilo de vida mediterráneo’ at ADDA.

Then in a week, “Alicante Gastronomica” will continue its program in the premises of IFA (4-7 of May). It will host an exhibition of local food products which are an integral part of the Mediterranean diet. It will occupy the exposition area of ​​13 000 sq.m.

Participation in the event at ADDA is free of charge, though it needs previous inscription.

E-mail:, Tel .: 965 988 907. You need to specify your first and last name.

The information was published as a press release by la Deputación de Alicante.

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