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International Day of Roma society in Alicante

First written mentioning of gipsies at the territory of the modern Alicante province are dated 1460

First written references of gipsies at the territory of the modern Alicante province dated back to 1460 

The 8th of April – International Day of Roma society / Día Internacional del Pueblo Gitano. In honor of this day, today, on the 6th of April, a gypsy flag/ la bandera del Pueblo Gitano was hung out on the central balcony of Alicante City Hall, diarioinformació reports.

On Sunday, the 8th of April, at 11:00, at the entrance to the port zone of Alicante, in front of Casino Mediterráneo, there will take place a celebration of International Day of Roma society with a festive cultural program included. Federación Autonómica de Asociaciones Gitanas de la Comunidad Valenciana (FAGA) and la Fundación Secretariado Gitano are main organizers of the event.

As a reference: 47 years ago, on the 8th of April, 1971, the First World Congress of Roma took place in London, the flag and hymn of this ethnic minority were approved there.

In Spain the number of local settled gypsies is of about 600-750 thousand. In Europe there are 10-12 million Gypsies, according to

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