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It´s reasonable to postpone going for a walk to the park

Fortunately, there are just few days with strong wind blowing in a year at Costa Blanca

Fortunately, during a year there are just few days with strong wind blowing at Costa BlancaDmitri Svestikas, 

Today, on the 11th of April, the City Hall of Valencia decided to close 9 city parks and gardens for visitors.

Parks: parque de l’Oest, parque d’Orriols, Jardín de Polifil, parque de Marxalenes, Les Hespèrides, jardines de Monforte, jardín Antoni Suárez, Benicalap, Aiora, jardín Professor Antonio Llombart, jardines de Viveros, Rafael Cort, Antic Hospital Pare Jofré, Franco Tormo, La Rambleta, Alfred Candel and plaza del Cedro- had to close their doors because of a strong wind in order to provide maximum security for the citizens, informs

It´s not the first time the mayor’s office of Valencia makes such decision. According to weather forecast, it will be windy tomorrow.

By the way, 11th of April “pleased” inhabitants of the north of Castellon province (Valencia Community) not only with the wind but with the snow as well.

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