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Santa Faz-2018 in Alicante: strict “no alcohol for teen-agers” control

Fortunately, Santa Faz celebration in Alicante and San Juan has meaning for the majority of its participants

Fortunately, Santa Faz celebration in Alicante and San Juan has meaning for the majority of its 

Next Thursday, on the 12th of April inhabitants of Alicante and residents of the nearby village of San Juan are going to celebrate the traditional religious fiesta of Santa Faz. Unfortunately, during recent years this religious holiday has turned into a sort of “reason for el botellón” for many local teen-agers on the way to the church, from the church and at la Playa San Juan.

Taking to account appeals of parents and teachers of public schools, this year Alicante City Hall decided to toughen measures to prevent alcohol consuming by teenagers during Santa Faz celebration, reports On the 12th of April the main task of additional police forces (it is of about 70-80 officers) will be strict monitoring of adolescents participating in the celebration, including contents of their bags, trolleys, etc. in order to prevent their consuming of alcohol. Later the areas of Playa San Juan, Cabo Huertas and Albufera in Alicante will be under strict police control as far as young people plan to arrange their picnics there later, according to their communication via social network, reports

As additional information: in Spain parents or guardians of a drunk boy or a girl under 18 years old in a public place, are to pay 300 euros of fine. Selling or helping to buy alcohol to teen-agers, consuming alcohol drinks together with them are fined as well. In such cases fine might be increased up to thousands or even hundreds of thousands of euros, it depends.


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