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Mariano Rajoy will come on visit to Alicante

El Presidente de PP of Spain Mariano Rajoy

The President of PP of Spain Mariano RajoyEPP, 

On Saturday, the 5th of May, Prime Minister of Spain and the head of PP party, Mariano Rajoy, arrives in Alicante.

At 12:00 pm, en ADDA de Alicante will host a meeting of members of the PP party led by M. Rajoy. The president of PP party in Alicante province, Jose Ciscar, and the president of PP in Valencia Community, Isabel Bonig, will participate in the meeting as well, informs

It´s worth mentioning that political situation in the city of Alicante changed recently in favor of PP party since its member Luis Barcala had been elected a mayor of Alicante two weeks ago. The president of PP party in Spain will have a special meeting with him, and one of the main topics of their future conversation will be about necessity of deeper cooperation between Alicante Town Hall and central government in order to solve the most urgent problems and fulfil projects that are very important for Alicante, within short period of time.

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