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There is a possible nominee for the Nobel Prize in UA!

The research of this local scientists are to help all of us to be healthier

The research of this local scientists are to help all of us to be healthier EFE, 

At the University of Alicante (UA) the famous microbiologist Francis Mojica works. Due to opinion of his colleagues on the world level,  he deserves to be nominated for a Nobel Prize in medicine.

The scientist examines human genetics and the use of innovative Crispr technology that helps to protect selected bacteria and change the genome of definite cells. On Tuesday this week this outstanding researcher, known not only in his own country but abroad as well, took part in the international congress of the world’s academic universities – the IV Encuentro Internacional de Rectores Universia in Salamanca, reports There were present more than 700 scientists, politicians and businessmen from all over the world.

In his speech Francis Mojica noted the possibility of using pigs organs for human transplantations in the future and it will certainly save many human lives. According to the researcher, this topic should be thoroughly studied. The result of any research wont be immediate, and young scientists who are engaged in this topic should be ready for this, Francis Mojica stressed upon.

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