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What is it behind the name of Bebe Potemkin?


Since September of 2017 the jury of Mustang Icon contest organized by MTNG EXPERIENCE in Torreano, was in search of a unique sculpture to be placed at the entrance of the company building. There were 90 sculptures participating in Mustang Icon contest. The sculptor from Alicante Aurelio Ayla and his Bebe Potemkin sculpture won the contest.

Bebe Potemkin looks a crawling, like “an armoured child”. As the artist admitted he was inspired with the film by Sergei Eisenstein “Potemkin” when he was creating Bebe Potemkin. The jury of Mustang Icon contest noticed energy, movement and strength in Bebe Potemkin. Its “movements” reminded them of the first timid movements of start-ups. They also think that it shows desire to improve and go on, reports

Bebe Potemkin and its creator

Bebe Potemkin and its 

The orginal sculpure of Bebe Potemkin will be 3 meters high and 5 meters of length. The giant Bebe Potemkin will be something remember MTNG EXPERIENCE in Torrejano by because of its name as well as its very original look.

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