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200 town halls of Spain have said “yes”

They have been rescued...

They have been rescued…Carlos Díaz, 

Today, on Tuesday, the 12thof June, some of illegals immigrants from  Aquarius boat were moved to two Italian military vessels, and then three ships started their trip from one of the Sicilian ports to the Spanish shore as yesterday Spanish government of Pedro Sanchez decided to give shelter to these illegal immigrants in Valencia and other cities of Spain.

Authorities of Valencia autonomy planed that 629 immigrants would stay in the capital of the Valencia Community. They will be given the status of refugees. Families won´t be separated. First of all, the interests of children will be taken into account. As it has been reported by, there are 123 children, 11 babies and 4 pregnant women on board ( reports about 7 pregnant women and 123 children).

Today 200 town halls of Spain showed their intentions to give a shelter to some of the immigrants from the ship Aquarius. For example, the authorities of Alicante province offered Hogar Provincial for their living, reports today la Diputacion de Alicante. Other buildings of the same type in the province will be probably used as well. Madrid City Hall is ready to help 20 families from the Aquarius vessel, 100 illegal immigrants as maximum, reports These days Cruz Roja departments all over Spain are busy getting their installations ready for immigrants from Aquarius boat.

On Sunday, the 10thof June, the vessel Aquarius with illegal immigrants on board was detained close to the coast of Italy, immigrants were saved, but they were refused to go ashore: the problem of illegal immigrants fleeing to Italy by sea trying to find shelter in this country, can not be a problem of Italy only, but of all European countries. At the same time, Italian authorities have not refused to help immigrants onboard, national water rescue services/ Guardia Costera did its work very well. Immigrants were provided with medical assistance and food. As it turned out, the vessel Aquarius with illegal immigrants was on its way to Italy for 4 days.

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