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Beaches for dogs: the reverse side of the medal

The beach for dogs at El Campello

The beach for dogs in El CampelloJuan Carlos Soler, 

Beaches for dogs can be dangerous for people and their pets.

In the province of Alicante there are four such beaches: Playa Canina de Pinedo, la Torreta-Santa Elvira (in El Puig), Playa-Can (in Gandía) y la Playa El Brosquil (in Cullera). According to, veterinarians, members of El Colegio Oficial de Veterinarios de Valencia (ICOVV) suggest that beaches for dogs should be under proper control.

Excrements of animals on beaches that aren´t collected by people immediately, are the source of dangerous infections. First of all, worms-parasites and their eggs can get into beach sand if it turns out that an animal did not pass the regular obligatory anti-parasites treatment. The health of people who visit these areas as well as of their pets can be in danger, according to la Comisión de clínicos del ICOVV. According to official OMS data, at the moment 24% of the population are carriers of worms-parasites. It it caused by neglecting of hygiene norms.

Therefore, in the beginning of summer members of the Official Veterinary College remind owners of dogs that for the sake of their own health and the health of their pets, they should be more conscious and clean poop of their four-legged friends. They are obliged to bring packs for collecting dogs´excrements to the beach as anywhere else. Dog´s owners should also carry their pets passports with information about vaccinations, anti-parasites treatment as well as a chip. On the beaches for dogs animals should be on a leash, representatives of dangerous breeds should be muzzled and kept at a 6m distance from the sea line. It´s better to take into account that the fine for non-collected poop of your dog on the beach might cost you 600 euros.

To protect yourself and your pet from possible infections, do not take off your shoes on the beaches for dogs, never relax on the sand as it is without a towel beneath and avoid sand entering your mouth.

Local veterinarians hope that in the future the epidemiological service will monitor the situation on beaches for dogs and arrange regular disinfection there, reports

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