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Museum of Water: why icebergs do not sink?


In the centre of Alicante there is situated an amazing interactive Museum of Water/ Museo de Aguas. Definitely, it will be entertaining for a family with children to spend some time there on weekend or during school vacations. 

You will get to know how in ancient times people were gathering fresh water, how they made wells trying to preserve and increase the reserves of “sweet water”/agua dulce, how they created irrigation systems, built pipelines, dams, canals, etc. Moreover, you will have a chance to get into a virtual world of all forms of water embodiment as well as admire the usage of digital “talking” panels that provide interesting information: Why icebergs do not sink? How much water should be used “to make” one chicken egg? What is the % of water in the body of an adult? How much fresh water is there on the planet Earth? 

Besides, in the Museum of Water there is a mini variant of pumping station, a shower calculator that counts how much water we usually spend while taking a shower, as well as a small “pool” filled with the sand to create mountains, rivers, lakes and even a map of Europe and the Mediterranean just with your hands. 

In the basement of the museum there are empty huge wells where long time ago local people gathered rainwater. It was carefully stored, the walls of the wells were thoroughly washed from time to time, and during the Civil War in Spain the residents of Alicante were hiding there during bombing.

Schedule of the museum: in June, July and August – from Tuesday to Friday (10:00 am – 02:00 pm and 06:00 pm – 09:00 pm), on Saturday and Sunday (10:00 am -02: 00 pm).

Address: Plza. Arquitecto Miguel López s / n, 03001 Alicante.

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