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What is the price of 160 hours of an average worker´s life in Spain?

Let salary conditions improve in Spain

Let salary conditions improve in Spain 

According to official data, the average salary of more than half of adult Spaniards is 1,100 euros or even less, reports

Such workers are called  “mileuristas” (un mil (en cast.) – a thousand). They earn 16.497 euros a year. If we divide this amount into 14 parts (salaries) the result will be 993 euros neto per month.

The minimum wage in Spain is 735.90 euros now. The former government of Mariano Rajoy promised to raise its level to 850 euros by 2020. Yesterday, on Friday, the 8th of June, the new Minister of Labor of the Government of Pedro Sanchez – la ministra de Trabajo, Magdalena Valerio, promised to start working on labour reform in the country immediately.

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