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Xaloc Lounge Restaurant: enjoy the sea, sun and traditional Spanish cuisine



Joaquin P. Reina for CostaBlancaToday 

Xaloc Lounge Restaurant named after the hot wet wind from Africa, is situated on Muchavista beach in El Campello. It has been successfully functioning since it was opened in June of 2011.

The restaurant Xaloc Lounge Restaurant has constant customers as far as its chefs offer gourmets unique dishes of Spanish cuisine cooked due to the proper recipes of the restaurant and welcoming waiters and barmen are always ready to delight a client with a refreshing cocktail, a glass of good wine, juice or with a cup of delicious coffee, etc. within few minutes. 



Joaquin P. Reina for CostaBlancaToday 

Xaloc Lounge Retaurant is the first family project by Alberto Alonso Miranda and his wife Renata, a professional chef. Before his wife had a pub and bars in Alicante. It was the family dream to have a family restaurant and this successful project became a reality due to efforts of Alberto, Renata and the restaurant staff. Annually the owners revise the restaurant menu, make changes in its design, furniture, etc. for the restaurant to continue attracting public.

Joaquin P. Reina for CostaBlancaToday 

As Alberto Alonso Miranda told us during his interview for Costa Blanca Today, all the dishes served in the restaurant, including desserts and cakes, are cooked due to the proper recipes of Xaloc Lounge Restaurant: We do not copy anyone. Our credo is to work and constantly improve our menu and service offered. We are open every day, the restaurant’s schedule is especially convenient for the public: from early morning until late at night.

Joaquin P. Reina for CostaBlancaToday 

Xaloc Lounge Restaurante is situated on the beach, just in front of the sea. It attracts a large number of tourists, national and international, as well as local residents. At the moment, the majority of our clients are Spaniards,” Alberto notes. “80% of them are from Madrid. When they are here on vacation, they are eager to enjoy local dishes, first of all arroz” of Alicante, as well as our proper dishes cooked due to our recipes (tomates rellenos con crema de anacardos, champiñones, alcachofas, etc.). These dishes were accepted by the public long time ago and have a success all these years. In the evening we offer our Spanish clients a variety of “montaditos” loved by them.”

“Russian and French tourists usually order a lot because they want to try as many dishes of local cuisine and other parts of Spain, as possible. As a rule, they order arroz, pulpos ajero (an octopus dish), etc.

Xaloc Lounge Restaurant 

Our main dish is Arozz Caldoso con Bogavante. Tourists order it any season of the year. Foreign customers are famous for their excellent appetite: sometimes a couple of international tourists order a half of the dishes offered in our menu.

If you are “a sweet tooth” you will definitely enjoy our cakes that are baked by our chefs due to the proper recipes of Xaloc Launge Restaurant: tarta de lima, tarta de coco, muss de chocolate, etc. We also offer our customers a variety of wines and good gourmet coffee.

I hope that soon the number of national and foreign customers of the restaurant will be equal. We are doing our best to ensure that Xaloc Lounge Restaurante has a success all the year round.

During every work shift there is always a waiter with good command of English in the restaurant. For convenience of our foreign customers all the menus are in Dutch, English, German, French and Russian”.

Joaquin P. Reina for CostaBlancaToday 

At lunchtime during one day in June Xaloc Lounge Restaurant serves up to 250 customers and 400 customers in July and August. In summer there are up to 10 waiters, 2 barmen and 7 chefs and their assistants working in the restaurant. By the way, at the moment Xaloc Lounge Restaurant requires waiters and assistants of a chef to join the team.

Joaquin P. Reina for CostaBlancaToday 

Address of Xaloc Lounge Resturant:Av. Jaume I el Conqueridor 192, El Campello, CV, Spain 03560.

Working hours: 8:00 am – 3:00 am

Tel. for reservations:965 65 63 45.

The article was written by Costa Blanca Today to be published in Costa Blanca Today as a paid material.

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